Using the RHEL-OSP Installer with NetApp Storage on FlexPod

Using the RHEL-OSP Installer with NetApp Storage on FlexPod

Hi Folks - I’m Dave Cain, an engineer in the Converged Infrastructure Engineering group here at NetApp! See how easy it is to deploy Red Hat OpenStack Platform 6 (RH-OSP6) on FlexPod Datacenter infrastructure using the RHEL-OSP Installer. The 7 minute video details the entire process from creating servers to logging into a fully provisioned, HA deployment of OpenStack running on a FlexPod of mine in RTP!

The following is covered in the video:

  1. Creating Service Profiles that provide the compute node resources (CPU, Memory, Network, etc) to be consumed by OpenStack.
  2. Using the RHEL-OSP Installer to configure a total deployment of 6 total systems: 3 Controller nodes and 3 Compute nodes.
  3. Step-by-step instructions on how to use a NetApp FAS device running Clustered Data ONTAP via NFS for both the Glance and Cinder services for the resulting deployment.
  4. What to expect and actual output from an in-progress installation on both a provisioned node itself and the RHEL-OSP Installer web-interface.
  5. Logging into the new deployment and verifying capacity and running services in the ready-to-go cloud!

Here’s a link to the video:

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