NetApp Announces Upcoming FlexPod Datacenter with Red Hat OpenStack Platform Solution in Cooperation with Cisco, Red Hat


Coming this Summer, FlexPod will expand it’s extensive validated design portfolio to include an OpenStack solution. Together, Red Hat, NetApp, and Cisco will deliver cloud-ready enterprise-grade converged infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, making it easy to deploy an open Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for your hybrid cloud environments.

An OpenStack solution built on validated converged infrastructure will speed up cloud deployment while reducing guesswork with validation and best practices. FlexPod takes the guess-work out of the sizing, configuration, and hardware certification that would take months to architect and test on your own IT budget. Red Hat has streamlined the setup experience with their OpenStack installer and the entire FlexPod architecture has been co-engineered and pre-validated for performance and this solution deploys the OpenStack environment on a proven, resilient, efficient CI platform. On top of this, our customers are assured of full support through the FlexPod Cooperative Support model.

Red Hat is the open source leader that makes OpenStack safe, secure and consumable. Cisco’s server innovation and network leadership help you build, use, and connect OpenStack clouds. NetApp lets you manage and maintain control of your data across clouds at all times with Data ONTAP, the #1 branded storage OS.

OpenStack offers cloud provisioning services such as Cinder (block storage), making it easier to deliver on enterprise SLAs, becoming scalable and predictable in performance. Reliability and high-availability is also integrated with FlexPod through clustered Data ONTAP non-disruptive operations and upgrade capabilities, while at the same time offering enterprise storage features such as FlexClone.

For improved performance and space reductions, look no further than NetApp E-Series Dynamic Disk Pooling for Swift (object storage).

Who Uses FlexPod with OpenStack?

Gartner reports that 70% of enterprises are pursuing private or hybrid cloud solutions in 2015 and 84% of enterprises plan to deploy OpenStack. Those organizations are looking for fully integrated, supported and validated deployments that manages their data across all clouds so they can meet their business needs without getting locked into a particular vendor.

We’re combining converged computing, networking, storage and OpenStack into a proven and validated solution that lets our customers quickly deploy hybrid cloud solutions they can trust.

100+ designs and growing

FlexPod is a leading converged infrastructure with over 6000 customers world wide and over 100 validated architectures supporting a broad range of enterprise workloads and use cases, while providing the FlexPod Cooperative Support Model that will provide both FlexPod and OpenStack support. With this FlexPod solution, we are responding to increased customer demand for OpenStack on validated architectures. Together, Red Hat, NetApp, and Cisco help you quickly deploy validated, secure, reliable and supported private and hybrid clouds to meet the unique needs of your business.

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