PackStack Deployment Walkthrough for OpenStack


If you have a high level understanding of OpenStack and have already tried out our Test Drive, a next step may be to get some more hands-on experience by deploying OpenStack in a lab. We have put together a set of instructions to set up OpenStack Manila and Cinder and use it with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP. These instructions walk you through networking and Neutron setup, and configuration and use of Nova (Compute), Manila (file-share service), and Cinder (block storage service) for the latest OpenStack release (Liberty) using RDO.

Instructions and Script to Provision OpenStack Liberty with PackStack

Shown below is a possible architecture for an OpenStack using PackStack proof of concept deployment. The concepts you learn by applying this architecture will help you on your OpenStack journey. Have fun with OpenStack and NetApp!

PackStack Architecture

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