Triage and Data Collection

Please use the NetApp OpenStack Communities site to track or report issues related to Cinder. In case of issues, the data can be collected from logs printed by each of the below mentioned process. Logs need to be collected for Cinder related processes. For Glance and Nova verifying the service up status is sufficient.

 Cinder processes

  • cinder-api
  • cinder-scheduler
  • cinder-volume

 Nova processes

  • nova-api
  • nova-scheduler
  • nova-cpu

 Glance processes

  • glance-api
  • glance-registry

 Swift processes

  • swift-object-server
  • swift-object-replicator
  • swift-object-updator
  • swift-object-auditor
  • swift-container-server
  • swift-container-replicator
  • swift-container-updator
  • swift-container-auditor
  • swift-account-server
  • swift-account-replicator
  • swift-account-auditor

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