Clustered Data ONTAP

This section provides an example configuration script to be executed within Data ONTAP that enables two SVMs, appropriately configured for the Cinder configuration referenced in the section called “cinder.conf. Note that you may have to edit IP addresses and feature lists based on the environment and licenses present.

# create aggrs
storage aggregate create -aggregate aggr1 -diskcount 24 -nodes \

storage aggregate create -aggregate aggr2 -diskcount 24 -nodes \

# create SVMs
vserver create -vserver demo-iscsi-svm -rootvolume vol1 \
-aggregate aggr1 -ns-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix

vserver create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -rootvolume vol1 \
-aggregate aggr2 -ns-switch file -rootvolume-security-style unix

# iSCSI setup
iscsi create -vserver demo-iscsi-svm

network interface create -vserver demo-iscsi-svm -lif \
demo-iscsi-data -role data -data-protocol iscsi -home-node \
democluster-1-01 -home-port e0d -address \

volume create -vserver demo-iscsi-svm -volume vol2 \
-aggregate aggr1 -size 10g

vserver export-policy rule create -vserver demo-iscsi-svm \
-policyname default -clientmatch -rorule any -rwrule \
any -superuser any -anon 0

volume create -vserver rcallawa-iscsi-vserver -volume vol1_plain \
-aggregate aggr1 -size 10g

# NFS setup
nfs create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -access true
network interface create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -lif demo-nfs-data \
-role data -home-node democluster-1-02 -home-port e0d -address \ -netmask

vserver export-policy rule create -vserver demo-nfs-svm \
-policyname default -clientmatch -rorule any -rwrule \
any -superuser any -anon 0

volume create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol2_dedup -aggregate \
aggr2 -size 6g -junction-path /vol2_dedup

volume create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol3_compressed \
-aggregate aggr2 -size 6g -junction-path /vol3_compressed

volume create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol4_mirrored \
-aggregate aggr2 -size 5g -junction-path /vol4_mirrored

volume create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol4_mirror_dest \
-aggregate aggr2 -size 5g -type DP

volume create -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol5_plain \
-aggregate aggr2 -size 6g -junction-path /vol5_plain

# SSC features
volume efficiency on -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol2_dedup

volume efficiency on -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume vol3_compressed

volume efficiency modify -vserver demo-nfs-svm -volume \
vol3_compressed -compression true -inline-compression true

snapmirror create -source-path demo-nfs-svm:vol4_mirrored \
-destination-path demo-nfs-svm:vol4_mirror_dest -type DP \
-vserver demo-nfs-svm

snapmirror initialize -source-path demo-nfs-svm:vol4_mirrored \
-destination-path demo-nfs-svm:vol4_mirror_dest -type DP

# enable v4.0, v4.1, pNFS
nfs modify -vserver demo-nfs-svm -v4.0 enabled -v4.1 enabled \
-v4.1-pnfs enabled 

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