Chapter 1. Executive Summary

Most options for OpenStack integrated storage solutions aspire to offer scalability, but often lack the features and performance needed for efficient and cost-effective cloud deployment at scale. NetApp® platforms integrated with OpenStack avail a unique combination of advanced storage efficiency, integrated data protection, and non-disruptive operations with the ability to scale while preserving performance.

With NetApp, organizations can lower risk and enable a broad spectrum of cloud SLAs by combining the power and ingenuity of OpenStack cloud management with proven data integrity and fully-developed storage provisioning, data protection, and efficiency.

By leveraging the power of the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system, enterprise organizations and service providers can build a cloud storage platform with an agile data infrastructure that delivers high-performing, efficient, and scalable open-source cloud services. NetApp provides storage platforms that enable quick deployment, nimble reaction to change with the ability to scale.

With capabilities such as self-healing and integrated data protection for backup and disaster recovery, NetApp solutions are enterprise proven and help reduce risk for OpenStack cloud deployments. A global network of service provider partners already have deployed hundreds of high-SLA cloud services built on NetApp with over a billion users worldwide.

Because NetApp technology is integrated with OpenStack Block Storage Service, OpenStack Object Storage Service, OpenStack Image Service and OpenStack Compute Service, users can build on this proven and highly scalable storage platform to optimize their private and public cloud architectures by reducing risk and increasing efficiency.

This document intends to describe the application of NetApp capabilities to enable production OpenStack deployments. In particular, it’s meant to address the needs of system architects, system administrators, and storage administrators who are investigating the use or deployment of OpenStack.

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