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Akshai Parthasarathy

June 13, 2016June Meetup in RTP, North Carolina - Test Drive NetApp and OpenStack

Please join us for a hands-on session with NetApp ONTAP and Openstack. The session will use our Test Drive, which is available on OpenStack@NetApp, and runs on Amazon Web Services. If you’re looking to get some hands-on experience with OpenStack, this is the perfect opportunity. You will gain familiarity with the following OpenStack projects: Cinder...
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March 1, 2016PackStack Deployment Walkthrough for OpenStack

If you have a high level understanding of OpenStack and have already tried out our Test Drive, a next step may be to get some more hands-on experience by deploying OpenStack in a lab. We have put together a set of instructions to set up OpenStack Manila and Cinder and use it with NetApp Clustered...
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January 20, 2016See Continuous Operations with OpenStack Manila in Action

We have a new video showcasing OpenStack Manila and Continuous Operations with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT). Take four minutes out of your schedule to watch it on YouTube or NetApp today! Additionally, you can take a free Test Drive to observe continuous operations and other advantages, including, storage efficiency, unified architecture, secure multi-tenancy, data...
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October 23, 2015OpenStack Manila for DevOps

Today, businesses increasingly rely on software. There is a strong need to deliver software on-time and on-budget. It is no longer acceptable to postpone customer feature needs or launch a product after the right time has already passed. Therefore, we cannot rely on traditional methods of development/test (dev/test) and IT operations (ops) that operate in...
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October 12, 2015NetApp and Mirantis - Bringing the OpenStack Advantage to You

Collaboration between NetApp and Mirantis has entered a new phase, making it easier than ever for customers to benefit from using NetApp state of the art enterprise storage with Mirantis OpenStack clouds.NetApp and Mirantis are now officially bi-directional alliance partners. As part of this relationship, we’re working to improve integration of Mirantis OpenStack with the widest...
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October 8, 2015Test Drive our NetApp Cloud ONTAP with OpenStack

Would you like to learn further about NetApp Advantages for OpenStack without spending a dime? Take our innovative new Test Drive that uses NetApp Cloud ONTAP with OpenStack that is completely built on Amazon Web Services. You will be guided through lab exercises for: Storage Efficiency using NetApp Cloud ONTAP and OpenStack Glance Unified Architecture,...
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