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Harvest Logs Collection Guide

This guide will help you collect logs for Harvest on various platforms. Follow the instructions specific to your platform. If you would like to share the collected logs with the Harvest team, feel free to email them to

RPM, DEB, and Native Installations

For RPM, DEB, and native installations, use the following command to create a compressed tar file containing the logs:

tar -czvf harvest_logs.tar.gz -C /var/log harvest

This command will create a file named harvest_logs.tar.gz with the contents of the /var/log/harvest directory.

Docker Container

For Docker containers, first, identify the container ID for your Harvest instance. Then, replace <container_id> with the actual container ID in the following command:

docker logs <container_id> &> harvest_logs.txt && tar -czvf harvest_logs.tar.gz harvest_logs.txt

This command will create a file named harvest_logs.tar.gz containing the logs from the specified container.


For NABox installations, refer to the NABox documentation on collecting logs:

NABox Troubleshooting - Collecting Logs