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Visit the Releases page and copy the tar.gz link for the latest release. For example, to download the v22.08.0 release:

tar -xvf harvest-22.08.0-1_linux_amd64.tar.gz
cd harvest-22.08.0-1_linux_amd64

# Run Harvest with the default unix localhost collector
bin/harvest start

With curl

If you don't have wget installed, you can use curl like so: curl -L -O

It's best to run Harvest as a non-root user. Make sure the user running Harvest can write to /var/log/harvest/ or tell Harvest to write the logs somewhere else with the HARVEST_LOGS environment variable.

If something goes wrong, examine the logs files in /var/log/harvest, check out the troubleshooting section on the wiki and jump onto Discord and ask for help.