NetApp Unified Driver for Clustered Data ONTAP with NFS

The NetApp unifed driver for clustered Data ONTAP with NFS is a driver interface from OpenStack block storage to a Data ONTAP cluster system to accomplish provisioning and management of OpenStack volumes on NFS exports provided by the Data ONTAP cluster system. The NetApp unified driver for the Data ONTAP cluster does not require any additional management software to achieve the desired functionality. It uses NetApp APIs to interact with the Data ONTAP cluster.

 Configuration Options

To set up the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP NFS driver for Cinder, the following stanza should be added to the Cinder configuration file (cinder.conf):

[myNfsBackend] 1


Be sure that the value of the enabled_backends option in the [DEFAULT] stanza includes the name of the stanza you chose for the backend.


Please note that exported qtrees are not supported by Cinder.


The file referenced in the nfs_shares_config configuration option should contain the NFS exports in the ip:/share format, for example:

where ip corresponds to the IP address assigned to a Data LIF, and share refers to a junction path for a FlexVol volume within an SVM. Make sure that volumes corresponding to exports have read/write permissions set on the Data ONTAP controllers. For more information on other parameters available to affect the behavior of NetApp's NFS driver, please refer to

Table 4.12, “Configuration options for clustered Data ONTAP with NFS” lists the configuration options available for the unified driver for a clustered Data ONTAP deployment that uses the NFS storage protocol.

Table 4.12. Configuration options for clustered Data ONTAP with NFS
Option Type Default Value Description
netapp_server_hostname Required The hostname or IP address for the storage system or proxy server. The value of this option should be the IP address of either the cluster management LIF or the SVM management LIF.
netapp_server_port Optional The TCP port to use for communication with the storage system or proxy server. If not specified, Data ONTAP drivers will use 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS; E-Series will use 8080 for HTTP and 8443 for HTTPS.
netapp_login Required Administrative user account name used to access the storage system or proxy server.
netapp_password Required Password for the administrative user account specified in the netapp_login option.
netapp_storage_protocol Required The storage protocol to be used. Valid options are nfs, iscsi, or fc.
netapp_transport_type Required http Transport protocol for communicating with the storage system or proxy server. Valid options include http and https.
netapp_copyoffload_tool_path Optional This option specifies the path of the NetApp copy offload tool binary. Ensure that the binary has execute permissions set which allow the effective user of the cinder-volume process to execute the file.
netapp_vserver Required This option specifies the storage virtual machine (previously called a Vserver) name on the storage cluster on which provisioning of block storage volumes should occur.
netapp_storage_family Optional ontap_cluster The storage family type used on the storage system; valid values are ontap_7mode for Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode, ontap_cluster for clustered Data ONTAP, or eseries for E-Series.
nfs_shares_config Required /etc/cinder/nfs_shares The file referenced by this configuration option should contain a list of NFS shares, each on their own line, to which the driver should attempt to provision new Cinder volumes into.
thres_avl_size_perc_start Optional 20 If the percentage of available space for an NFS share has dropped below the value specified by this option, the NFS image cache will be cleaned.
thres_avl_size_perc_stop Optional 60 When the percentage of available space on an NFS share has reached the percentage specified by this option, the driver will stop clearing files from the NFS image cache that have not been accessed in the last M minutes, where M is the value of the expiry_thres_minutes configuration option.
expiry_thres_minutes Optional 720 This option specifies the threshold for last access time for images in the NFS image cache. When a cache cleaning cycle begins, images in the cache that have not been accessed in the last M minutes, where M is the value of this parameter, will be deleted from the cache to create free space on the NFS share.
reserved_percentage Optional 0 This option represents the amount of total capacity of a storage pool that will be reserved and cannot be utilized for provisioning Cinder volumes.
max_over_subscription_ratio Optional 20.0 This option is defined as a float, and specifies the amount of over-provisioning to allow when thin provisioning is being used in the storage pool. A value of 1.0 will mean that the provisioned capacity will not be able to exceed the total capacity, while larger values will result in increased levels of allowed over-provisioning.

If you specify an account in the netapp_login option that only has SVM administration privileges (rather than cluster administration privileges), some advanced features of the NetApp unified driver will not work and you may see warnings in the Cinder logs. See the section called “Account Permission Considerations” for more details on the required access level permissions for an SVM admin account.

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