NFS Backup Configuration

By default, the Swift object store is used for the backup repository. To use an NFS export as the backup repository, the Cinder backup service must be restarted after adding at least the following two configuration lines to the [DEFAULT] section of the Cinder configuration file cinder.conf:


Other configuration options may be specified in the [DEFAULT] section as appropriate. Table 4.23, “Configuration options for NFS backup service” lists the configuration options available for the Cinder Backup service when an NFS export is leveraged as the backup repository.

Table 4.23. Configuration options for NFS backup service
Option Type Default Value Description
backup_driver Required cinder.backup.drivers.swift Determines the driver that the backup service will load.[a]
backup_share Required Set to HOST:EXPORT_PATH.[b]
backup_mount_options Optional Comma separated list of options to be specified when mounting the NFS export specified in backup_share[c].
backup_compression_algorithm Optional zlib The compression algorithm to be used when sending backup data to the repository. Valid values are zlib, bz2, and None.[d]
backup_file_size Optional 1999994880 Data from Cinder volumes larger than this will be stored as multiple files in the backup repository. This option must be a multiple of backup_sha_block_size_bytes.
backup_sha_block_size_bytes Optional 32768 Size of Cinder volume blocks for digital signature calculation.

[a] Set the value of the backup_driver option to cinder.backup.drivers.nfs to enable the NFS backup driver.

[b] Set HOST to the IP address via which the NFS share is exported (for example, the address on the appropriate NFS data LIF on a Data ONTAP storage system). Set PATH to the export path used to mount the share.

[c] Mount options such as nfsvers should be specified appropriately according to the configuration of the NFS server. For example, if an AltaVault appliance is acting as the backup repository, the appliance will recommend these mount options: rw,nolock,hard,intr,nfsvers=3,tcp,rsize=131072,wsize=131072,bg

[d] NetApp recommends that the backup_compression_algorithm option be set to None in order to avoid consuming excess CPU on the Cinder backup node, and that purpose-built deduplication and compression features be enabled on the Data ONTAP storage systen providing the backup repository to achieve storage efficiency.

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