NetApp Unified Driver for Clustered Data ONTAP without Share Server management

The NetApp unified driver for clustered Data ONTAP without share server management is a driver interface from OpenStack Manila to NetApp clustered Data ONTAP storage controllers to accomplish provisioning and management of shared file systems within the scope of a single SVM (Vserver).

 Configuration Options

To set up the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP driver without Share Server management, the following stanza should be added to the Manila configuration file (manila.conf):

[cdotSingleSVM] 1
share_driver = manila.share.drivers.netapp.common.NetAppDriver
driver_handles_share_servers=False 2


Be sure that the value of the enabled_share_backends option in the [DEFAULT] stanza includes the name of the stanza you chose for the backend.


The value of driver_handles_share_servers MUST be set to False if you want the driver to operate without managing share servers.

Table 6.15, “Configuration options for clustered Data ONTAP without Share Server management” lists the configuration options available for the unified driver for a clustered Data ONTAP deployment that does not manage share servers.

Table 6.15. Configuration options for clustered Data ONTAP without Share Server management
Option Type Default Value Description
share_backend_name Required The name used by Manila to refer to the Manila backend
share_driver Required manila.share.drivers.generic.GenericShareDriver Set the value to manila.share.drivers.netapp.common.NetAppDriver
driver_handles_share_servers Required Denotes whether the driver should handle the responsibility of managing share servers. This must be set to false if the driver is to operate without managing share servers.
netapp_server_hostname Required The hostname or IP address for the storage system or proxy server. The value of this option should be the IP address of either the cluster management LIF or the SVM management LIF.
netapp_server_port Optional The TCP port to use for communication with the storage system or proxy server. If not specified, Data ONTAP drivers will use 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.
netapp_login Required Administrative user account name used to access the storage system.
netapp_password Required Password for the administrative user account specified in the netapp_login option.
netapp_transport_type Required http Transport protocol for communicating with the storage system or proxy server. Valid options include http and https.
netapp_vserver Required This option specifies the storage virtual machine (previously called a Vserver) name on the storage cluster on which provisioning of shared file systems should occur. This parameter is required if the driver is to operate without managing share servers (that is, be limited to the scope of a single SVM).
netapp_storage_family Required ontap_cluster The storage family type used on the storage system; valid values are ontap_cluster for clustered Data ONTAP.
netapp_volume_name_template Optional share_%(share_id)s This option specifies a string replacement template that is applied when naming FlexVol volumes that are created as a result of provisioning requests.
netapp_volume_snapshot_reserve_percent Optional 5 This option specifies the percentage of share space set aside as reserve for snapshot usage. Valid values range from 0 to 90.
netapp_aggregate_name_search_pattern Optional (.*) This option specifies a regular expression that is applied against all available aggregates related to the SVM specified in the netapp_vserver option. This filtered list will be reported to the Manila scheduler as valid pools for provisioning new shares.
replication_domain Optional This option specifies a string to identify a replication domain. Manila will allow all backends with the same replication domain to replicate to each other. If this is left blank, the backend will not support replication. If provided, all backends within the replication domain should have their configuration stanzas included in the backends configuration file. See the section called “manila.conf with Replication” for examples. Ensure all ONTAP clusters and SVMs within the replication domain are peered and have intercluster LIFs configured. See the section called “Data ONTAP Configuration”.
netapp_trace_flags Optional This option is a comma-separated list of options (valid values include method and api) that controls which trace info is written to the Manila logs when the debug level is set to True.
migration_driver_continue_interval Optional 60 This option specifies the time interval in seconds at which Manila polls the backend for the progress and health of an ongoing migration.

If you specify an account in the netapp_login option that only has SVM administration privileges (rather than cluster administration privileges), some advanced features of the NetApp unified driver will not work and you may see warnings in the Manila logs. See the section called “Account Permission Considerations” for more details on the required access level permissions for an SVM admin account.

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