Manila is configured by changing the contents of the manila.conf file and restarting all of the Manila processes. Depending on the OpenStack distribution used, this may require issuing commands such as service openstack-manila-api restart or service manila-api restart.


The manila.conf file contains a set of configuration options (one per line), specified as option_name=value. Configuration options are grouped together into a stanza, denoted by [stanza_name]. There must be at least one stanza named [DEFAULT] that contains configuration parameters that apply generically to Manila (and not to any particular backend). Configuration options that are associated with a particular Manila backend should be placed in a separate stanza.


While it is possible to specify driver-specific configuration options within the [DEFAULT] stanza, you are unable to define multiple Manila backends within the [DEFAULT] stanza. NetApp strongly recommends that you specify driver-specific configuration in separate named stanzas, being sure to list the backends that should be enabled as the value for the configuration option enabled_share_backends; for example:


The enabled_share_backends option should be specified within the [DEFAULT] configuration stanza.

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